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handmade jewellery Norwich

Hi, I'm Laura the goldsmith who created The Jewellery Boutique
I have always loved jewellery and have been fascinated with how it’s made from the very first time I sat at a jewellery bench, picked up my first set of tools and started cutting into metal back in 2007 
I have always made things from an early age. I have been intrigued with how things become well things. I have always had some sort of arty-crafty project on the go, ironing hama beads, baking fimo in the oven, melting encaustic wax, making a mess with spray paint, covering canvasses with soooo much pva glue, painting canvases, textile projects. Then I found jewellery and have not looked back 
In 2013 The Jewellery Boutique website was born. I wanted to create personalised jewellery which is comfortable, great quality, made with solid precious metal, timeless in design and collectable and interchangeable
all of our jewellery is personalised and handmade in Norwich, we have jewellery workshop here in the beautiful Norfolk countryside where we create your jewellery pieces, each piece is handcrafted to a high standard using solid precious metals
I have created a range of personalised charms which can be worn on a chunky necklace chain one day, then the next day can be worn on a charm bracelet, you can swap and change and create a capsule jewellery collection. Choose a chain, choose your charms, personalise and then swap and change when the mood suits you...feels like a new piece of jewellery every time. I made sure the charm bails were big enough to be threaded over the lobster clasps so there are no problems when threading new charms onto your chains 
I love to hear from you so if you have a new idea for a new charm design, let me know your ideas and I will see what I can create for you. Get in touch now to submit your charm design ideas