bangle, cuff bangle & bracelet size guide

how to measure bangle size at home

wristwear size guide - measuring at home

not sure on your bangle size? need to know how to measure for a cuff bangle? unsure which bracelet size to order? no problem please see our helpful jewellery size guide below
to measure for a bangle you will need to measure the largest part of your hand, across your knuckles, this is because the bangle needs to go over your hand as it is a closed bangle and has no adjustment...for a cuff bangle and for a bracelet its a different measurement because it slips straight onto your wrist or is fastened straight onto your wrist, you will need to measure across your wrist for cuffs and bracelets
still not sure? or need a second opinion before ordering? please do not hesitate to ask us how to measure bangle size at home