did you know we can personalise your jewellery?

| Laura Durrant

did you know we can personalise your jewellery?

we use two different techniques to create personalisation, machine engraving and hand stamping, they are very different techniques and give very different results

we machine engrave the inside of our rings as the outside of our rings are very textured and organic and the inside of our rings are nice and smooth and polished, so it wouldn't be as clear to read if the personalisation was on the outside of the rings...we want you to be able to read your lovely engravings nice and clearly 👍 with that in mind we didn't want to machine engrave our textured charms as the engraving wouldn't be very clear and we want to compliment the unique organic texture on the charms we have lovingly created for our designs

we use hand stamping to personalise our charms, this means each letter, number or symbol is individually hand stamped onto the metal by and actual human 😉 and not a machine , they are individual stamps for each character chosen by you, this creates a rustic, organic look and is definitely not ever going to be perfectly straight like machine engravings but we feel this was the perfect way to compliment the texture on our designs

would you like to see some personalisation inspiration? have a look at our instagram where you will find lots of behind the scenes photos of what we make for you 

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Laura xx

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