Sand Casting

Personalised beach sand textured jewellery

What is sand cast jewellery?

Beach sand textured jewellery is a process where I pour molten metal into a mould made up of sand. The precious metal of your choice is poured directly onto your sand which gives the unique textured finish. To make this a truly personalised piece of jewellery you can use your own sand from a meaningful place to create a unique one of a kind piece of jewellery. This is back to basics jewellery manufacturing.

This jewellery is particularly popular for wedding rings.

These rings are sandcast in house with a handcrafted master.

Sands from around the world all vary and this is what makes this jewellery production so exciting, every piece will be so different and so personal to you.

These are organic, handmade, textured pieces of jewellery. The results are unpredictable and completely unique. They are cast and created in my jewellery workshop based in Norfolk.

These photos show a representation of the piece you will receive, they show the different ring profiles you can choose from.

This is an ancient jewellery manufacturing technique and produces a unique, beautiful, tactile texture on every piece.

How it works?

  1. Choose the width of ring you would like
  2. Choose the profile shape of the ring you would like
  3. Choose the size of ring you would like
  4. Simply post your sand to me using a tracked postal service (Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For Large Letter £2.10)
  5. Include your order number, name and where the sand is from in your parcel
  6. Once received I will create a new sand mould for you using the ring design you have chosen, melt the precious metal and pour the metal into the mould using your sand to create your bespoke sand cast ring, this will then get sent to the assay office in London to receive its hallmark
  7. Once hallmarked your new piece of jewellery will be personalised with engraving inside the ring if chosen, it will then be polished
  8. Your new piece of jewellery is then ready to be posted out to you, you can expect the whole process to take up to 3 weeks once the sand has been received

Frequently Asked Questions

How much sand do we need? A spoonful will do the job
Does it matter if the sand is wet or dry? Send us wet or dry sand, just make sure the bag you send it in is nicely sealed
Do I need to clean the beach sand before I send it to? Please send untreated beach sand straight from the beach, do not clean it
Is it legal to take sand from the beach? That depends on the beach and where you live. Some beaches are protected and you can't take sand away from them.
How long does it take to receive my custom beach sand jewellery? you can expect the whole process to take up to 3 weeks once the sand has been received.

Any other questions, or advice needed please don't hesitate to contact me