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Laura Durrant - Jewellery Designer/Goldsmith

Welcome to The Jewellery Boutique

Thanks for visiting my website! It’s always been my dream to be able to create beautiful, timeless, personalised jewellery for people to enjoy and treasure

I have always loved jewellery and have been fascinated with how it’s made from the very first time I sat at a jewellery bench, picked up my first set of tools and starting cutting into metal when I attended jewellery school back in 2007

I have memories of always making and crafting something when I was growing up, always creating something new, from paintings on large canvases to little fimo creatures…I then found jewellery and knew it was something I wanted to pursue as a career

I work with a combination of modern and traditional jewellery making techniques including hand-carving, sand-casting, engraving and computer aided design

Each piece is unique, all of the jewellery is designed and individually hand-crafted by me in my workshop based in Norwich and is handmade and finished with care and attention to detail

My designs are a combination of bold, organic shapes with beautiful tactile finishes along with sleek, modern, personalisation. Each piece is designed with individuality and comfort in mind

I am so happy to be able to create beautiful personalised jewellery which celebrates people’s memories and life events every day.  I believe jewellery is sentimental, personal, unique, timeless, a reminder, a gift.... a moment in time

Laura :)

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